Real Spring still too far…

SPECIALISED TRAVEL. Most people who can afford it love travelling but few are obsessed with a specific theme; for me it was world’s mineral occurrences and my good family cooperated. I have been lucky having been to more than 100 countries. Other than banging rocks in the bush and interacting with colleagues, travel is highly educational: one see strange lands, meets different people, gains experiences, gains freedom from dependence on media fads, politicians and political correctness.

Exploring for lead and zinc in the Canadian Cordillera

TRAVEL as a JOB. This includes the wonderful instrument called expense account (where costs are not paid from family budget) and sometimes an extra pay. This happened with university excursions, student supervising, consulting for industry, growing Data Metallogenica. One gets to exotic places few commoners do. Is field geology an excuse for travel?

Veterans of the China University of Geosciences socialise

MEETING LOCAL PEOPLE. This has been about the most enduring human experience. People around the world are definitely different and most are friendly and “basically” good. Those especially good included my students, most professionals colleagues, industry people, and all those who produce tangible values and try to make it on their own. The less good were the petty criminals on the street and many “third world” bureaucrats and officials. I enjoyed and admired the “regular” folks in foreign lands and their colourful festivals. The main problems I have noticed around the world were overpopulation, poverty, poor governance, crime. The West helps, but it is up to the locals to do better.