Prague, Venceslav Square; in the middle is the National Museum

IN THE HEART OF EUROPE. I was born in 1936 in Prague, in what was then about the most democratic country in Central Europe, Czechoslovakia. Started Grade 1 under Nazi occupation, graduated at Charles University under the communists, married Sárka, got my first “permanent” job in the Czech National Museum, then the University. Led an “expedition” to Cuba, then managed to cross the Iron Curtain going West, landing in Canada. Free at last!

Dennis, Paul, Sárka and the dog Shadow

CANADA, THE LAND OF THE MAPLE LEAF. We settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where our sons were born. I graduated from University of Manitoba and joined the Department of Earth Sciences there. Other than lecturing, working with students and publishing (this included three major books with Elsevier) I “invented” Lithotheque and started Data Metallogenica. I gave my soul to metallic deposits and travelled the world to meet as many as I could, consulting and lecturing along.

The Aussies used to have a sense of humour

AUSTRALIA, OZ, DOWN UNDER . We ended-up in Oz (Australia) that looks like our terminal destination. I co-founded Data Metallogenica in Adelaide and devoted my energies to its growth and publishing another couple of major books (Giant Metallic Deposits), while consulting, lecturing and visiting mines around the world.