Book “METALS ARE WHERE YOU FIND THEM. GEOLOGIST´S TRAVELS THROUGH SIX CONTINENTS” has 519 A4, double column pages, 184 colour plates with 1034 photos, 11 colour maps. ISBN is 978-80-7075-957-8 and .pdf size is 108 MB. The publisher is Metallogenica Adelaide, with support from the Czech and South Australian Geological Surveys. Peter Laznicka is the copyright owner. Organised by geological regions (see map), it has three overlapping themes:

PETER´S BIOGRAPHY (about 10%) is about the impressions of a Prague native, growing into mineral resources geologist, professor in Canada, Data Metallogenica founder in Australia.

TRAVELOGUE (approximately 30%) is about the world experienced over the span of sixty years; hence, it is to some degree historical as times have changed. My world´s vision has been influenced by life lived under contrasting socio-political and economic systems in the past and, yes, I make comparisons and pass judgements.

ROCKS and ORES (about 60% of book) deal with world’ s metal deposits, their geology and human dimension in a popular way that even non-specialists, like friends of field geology and mineral collectors, can follow. 60 years of chasing metallic ores in over 100 countries.

World´s regions covered in the book.