The book “METALS ARE WHERE YOU FIND THEM. Geologist’ s travels through six continents” can be read in the National Library of Australia, Canberra and in libraries of Australian States’ capitals (not online); also in some selected libraries elsewhere (I am working on it). But it would be nice to purchase your own copy. As of now, the book is sold by direct on-line downloading. It is recommended that customers who wish a hard copy (the “real book”) arrange for printing from the downloaded file in their home countries, to save on shipping costs from Australia-or read below.

  • PREFERRED. Download from the website, using the link or and follow the procedure to download the 106 MB pdf file, after payment. The cost is USD 52 (payment is through PayPal or by common credit card).
  • Alternative download from the Czech Geological Survey website ( The price is CKR 1,100 (around USD 48, AUD 65) but the ordering process requires proficiency in Czech.
  • Purchase DVD-ROM. Same price plus costs (production, postage). Please e-mail me for information (
  • Purchasing printed copy. Basic price applies plus cost of printing that ranges from USD 70 to USD 140, depending on the number of copies printed, plus postage and handling. This requires a pre-purchase order and wait until a minimum number of orders accumulates. Please, e-mail me.

BUT WAIT, THERE’ S MORE. Although I am not a bookstore, I sometimes respond to requests from colleague to provide some of my past books and graphics, now out of print. They are:

  • Giant Metallic Deposits. two editions, Springer, 2006 and 2010. Order from
  • Empirical Metallogeny (EM; 1985) and Precambrian Empirical Metallogeny (PcEM; 1993), both by Elsevier. They are mega-books (1500+ pages each) with lasting brief descriptions of thousands of deposits. EM books (2 tomes) are $30 + postage, PcEM is $25 on CD-ROM only, plus postage.
  • Breccias and Coarse Fragmentites (and ores), Elsevier, 1988. First book that treats this theme comprehensively. CD-ROM, $20 + postage
  • Geosites, AMF 2001. Book and 2 x 1 m poster showing 240 “geosites”-lithotectonic associations of rocks and ores. USD 50 a set + postage.
  • Uranium poster: 105 types of uranium deposits included in DM. Icons (simplified cross-sections) and brief descriptions. CD-ROM, USD 10 + postage
  • Assorted short courses (e.g. Giant Metallic Deposits arranged by commodities) and lectures in Powerpoint. On CD-ROM or sent as e-mail attachment. Please email me.
  • Set of remaining duplicate Lithotheque sample plates from various deposits, $200/each + shipping. Please enquire.