Metal deposits, mines, geology, lands & people around the world-illustrated travelogue

Metals come from ore deposits, millions of them, scattered around the world. I was lucky, in my long life, to visit almost 4,000 of them, in 80+ countries, over the period of 60 years. Students and colleagues asked: Why don´t you write a book about your (my) travels? I did; this is it.

I published several technical books about the world´s ores in the past. Page after page of dry facts, not much fun. This book is different-it is a story about my travels, living and surviving in many countries with different cultures, in a variety of natural and human environments, where metallic deposits and their geology appear as a part of the whole.

The book is full of colour: over 1000 photos, 11 maps. It is the most comprehensive “illustrated geology of world´s ores” I know about, a book targeted on professionals and students and also on tourists bored with those ubiquitous museums, castles and birthplaces en-route, who would not mind to learn about the often messy and dirty metal mines without which they would not have their cars, houses, not even the coins in the pocket. Metals are the basis of civilisation.